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Wine Coolers that don’t use any Electricity

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So, we’ve previously talked about “how much electricity does a wine cooler use?” and if you’ve read that article you’ll know that they’re reasonably inexpensive to run. But, what if you don’t want to use any electricity at all? Maybe you’re trying to really cut back on your electric bills or maybe you’re going camping and won’t have any power available.

So, how do you keep your wine cool when there’s no electricity?

Firstly, let’s clarify that wine coolers that don’t use any electricity are simply not going to be as good as those that do. Without power there’s no way to maintain a consistent temperature – we’re talking ice buckets here – your wine is going to get really cold really quickly and then slowly lose its cool as the ice melts.

There’s just no comparison between ice buckets/coolers and a real thermoelectric or compressor-based electric wine cooler – they’re very different things even though both can be used to keep your wine cool. Obviously, these non-electric types of wine coolers are useful for temporary situations – when the power’s gone out or while camping in a remote area – but as far as regular storage of wine, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a wine cooler or wine fridge. Check out our recommendations for the best wine coolers here.

But, let’s take a moment or two to look at what our options are for wine coolers that don’t use any electricity at all.

Best Wine Cooler Bucket

One of the best things about wine cooler buckets is their portability – you can take them anywhere with no need to plug them in! And they can look pretty cool (pun intended) too!

Wine cooler buckets come in varying capacities from single bottle holders – perhaps for a romantic dinner for two, to much larger buckets that can hold up to a dozen bottles for parties and events.

Wine Cooler BucketIf you’re planning a big party or event and would like to serve your wine and champagne in a classy, sophisticated looking wine cooler bucket, we highly recommend the BirdRock Home beverage tub.

It can hold up to 11 wine or champagne bottles and keep them cold for a very long time. The double-walled construction also prevents any outside condensation so your tables stay drip-free and dry.

Wine Cooler Bucket and Stand

If it’s a really big party you’re hosting, you’re going to want a really big beverage chiller. This stainless steel beverage tub from BirdRock Home holds up to 19 wine or champagne bottles or up to 35 beer/soda/water bottles so it’s great when you’re catering for a crowd and it looks great too!

Wine Chiller BucketFor a more intimate affair, when you just want to keep one bottle of wine cool, the Enoluxe Wine Chiller Bucket has a sleek and stylish look and does the job well in terms of keeping your wine cool.

Light Up Wine Cooler Bucket

If you’re looking to add a splash of fun and color to your party or event, consider a light-up LED wine bucket like this one from Teckcool.  All you need is a couple of AA batteries, some ice, and some wine, and you’re all set for a fabulous party!

Copper Ice Bucket

Looking for an ice bucket that’s a little bit different? This Moscow Mule Copper Ice Bucket from Jolitac could be just the thing you’re after – it’s even got a handle like a Moscow mule copper mug.

Best Wine Cooler Bag

If you’re into picnics and wine you’re going to want to invest in a good wine cooler bag. There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a wine cooler bag, the main ones being capacity (most wine cooler bags will hold between 2 and 4 bottles) and aesthetics – it’s all about the look!

HAMILO 4 Bottle Wine CarrierWith 4 separate, large compartments, we love this wine cooler bag by Hamilo. It will keep your drinks chilled and, you don’t have to limit yourself to just wine! This insulated bottle carrier bag allows you to carry snacks, cheese, fruits and more making it perfect for picnic trips, camping and beach. Don’t leave home without it!

Wine Cooler Backpack

If you want a classy, leather-look, look no further than this wine cooler backpack by Primeware. It holds 3 bottles and keeps your wine safe with an insulated synthetic wool interior, it even comes with a corkscrew so no matter where you are you can enjoy a glass of wine.

Wine Cooler Tote

For a smaller, 2 bottle option, keep your wine chilled in this insulated wine tote by Tirrinia, perfect for an intimate picnic or small gathering.

So, the choice is yours. If you like to entertain then a large-capacity ice bucket could be just what you need. If you’re into picnics or eating/drinking at outdoor events like moonlight cinema or opera, or even if you just often take bottles of wine with you to friends’ houses or restaurants, then a wine cooler bag should be an essential part of your wine paraphernalia. Chances are good that at some point in your life you’ll need both!

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