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Where to put a wine fridge

Where To Put A Wine Fridge

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One of the most common questions we get here at is the question of where to put a wine cooler/wine fridge. It might seem obvious, and most people probably assume it will go in the kitchen somewhere, but there are a couple of factors you’ll need to consider when figuring out where you’ll keep your new wine cooler.

Where To Put a Built-In Wine Cooler

Built in Wine CoolerIf you’re buying a wine cooler to be built into your kitchen cabinetry, you’ll need to make sure the wine cooler has ventilation at the front of the machine – a lot/most do for this very reason. If the ventilation is at the rear then it will be blocked within your cupboards and won’t work the way it is supposed to which will inevitably mean your wine cooler won’t work as well as it is designed to, and may stop working altogether much sooner than the normal lifespan of an electrical appliance. So, the message here is check before buying – you can read more about built-in wine coolers here.

Sticking with the built in theme, the kitchen is the obvious choice – especially if you’re in the process of doing a kitchen remodel or new build. If you’re a wine lover you should definitely consider getting a built in wine fridge added to your new kitchen design. But, don’t be limited to just the kitchen – built in wine coolers are great for the pool house, bar or outdoor entertaining area as well – we’ve even heard of someone who had a wine cooler built into their new bathroom design! Apparently there’s nothing quite like a glass of perfectly chilled wine enjoyed in the bathtub!

Where To Put a Freestanding Wine Cooler

where to put a freestanding wine coolerIf you’ve purchased a freestanding wine cooler, you’ve got even more options of where you can put your wine cooler. The smaller wine coolers are even fairly portable so you can actually move them around to any place that suits you – great for BBQ’s and outdoor parties and gatherings. (Mind you, you wouldn’t want to leave them out in the rain/sunlight/bad weather so you’ll need to make sure you pack it away after your event!) There are, however, some things to keep in mind. Ventilation is, again, a priority – you need to make sure that air can circulate properly around your wine fridge. Front ventilation is again a bonus here as it gives you more options of where you can put your cooler – it can even go in a cupboard or pantry, as long as there is still enough space for air ventilation around the machine.

Sunlight and temperature are the other factors you’ll need to consider. Remember, in order to store your wine at an optimal temperature you’re wine cooler needs to work harder if the unit is placed in areas that are either too hot (or in direct sunlight) or too cold. The harder the machine has to work to regulate the inside temperature, the more likely the unit is going to breakdown sooner than necessary (and it’s also worse for the environment as your’re machine will be using more power as it tries to regulate its temperature). The more consistent the air temperature around the wine cooler, the less work the wine cooler has to do which will ultimately lead to a happier wine cooler and therefore happier wine!

The optimal place to put a wine cooler comes down to a combination of convenience – kitchen and entertaining spaces make sense, and consistent air temperature. Cellars are often a good choice as the light and temperature should remain fairly consistent – but, depending on the area you live, some cellars might get too cold. The garage is usually not recommended due to a tendency to be too cold in the winter months (although this would depend on where you live!). Again, the kitchen seems to come up as a fairly good choice for the best place to put your wine cooler. It’s a convenient location with easy access and you’ll probably keep the temperature in your kitchen at a reasonably consistent level throughout the year and the seasons.

So, ultimately, the decision is yours – put your wine cooler where it will best serve its purpose for you. As long as it’s got good ventilation, a power source, and relatively consistent air temperature around it, you should have a happy wine cooler and we all know that a happy wine cooler keeps our wine happy!

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