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Best Wine Coolers For Specific Types Of Wine

Best Wine Coolers For Specific Types Of Wine

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So we all know by now that a wine cooler is the best way to store your wine but, what if your wine bottles are slightly irregular in shape or too large for your average wine fridge? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with our guide for the best wine coolers for different types of wine.

Best Wine Cooler For Champagne

Best Wine Cooler For Champagne

OK, so technically we’re probably not allowed to call it Champagne anymore (unless, of course, it’s from Champagne) but that’s what a lot of people still call it so we’ve popped the name in there so you know what we’re talking about.

Sparkling wine bottles tend to be taller and wider than regular wine bottles so they’re going to need some extra space in your wine cooler. If your wine cooler is designed for maximum capacity of wine bottles that will sometimes mean the wine bottles are squashed in like sardines with no extra space for these larger bottles.

So, the best way to combat this and find a wine cooler suitable for your sparkling wine is to look for one either with a dedicated space for these larger bottles or one that has wine racks that can be rearranged to accommodate them.

Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler
Ivation 12 Bottle

The other thing to look for in choosing a wine cooler to store sparkling wine is to find one that gets cold enough. Most people enjoy their sparkling wine quite cold so you’ll want a wine cooler that can achieve and maintain these lower temperatures.

The Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler is a small, simple option for accommodating your sparkling wine bottles.

The racks are removable and you can rearrange the shelves to accommodate varying bottle sizes. This particular model uses a compressor-based cooling system and reaches temperatures low enough to house sparkling white wines with a 41°F to 64°F or 5℃ to 18℃ temperature range!

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Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator
Ivation 33 Bottle

If you’re looking for something a little bigger with larger capacity, the Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is also a fantastic option for storing your favorite sparkling wines.

The larger capacity and dual temperature zones make this nifty little fridge able to handle white, red, and sparkling wines. Like the 12 bottle capacity cooler above, this larger unit also offers removable racks and shelves that can be rearranged to accommodate different sized bottles of wine. Also, the compressor-based cooling system (as opposed to thermoelectric) achieves nice low temperatures perfect for white and sparkling wines, as well as a separate zone kept not quite so cool for your reds.

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Best Wine Cooler For Pinot Noir BottlesBest Wine Cooler For Pinot Noir Bottles

The challenge with storing Pinot Noir bottles is similar to the champagne bottle issue – it’s mainly about the shape and size of the bottles. For some reason pinot noir winemakers seem to have decided that wine bottles with a more sloping shoulder shape are the way to go. This can lead to the base of the bottles being a little wider than regular wine bottles to make sure you can fit as much wine in.

So, this slightly unusual shape can best be accommodated in a wine cooler that has removable racks and shelving that can be rearranged to accommodate different shaped bottles of wine.

Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28 Bottle Wine Fridge
Wine Enthusiast 28 Bottle

Of course the other thing to consider is the wine storage temperature for a pinot. Being a light-bodied red wine, Pinot Noir likes to be stored at a temperature in the 53 – 69℉ (12-21℃) so you’ll need to make sure the wine cooler you choose can operate in that temperature zone.

If you’re a big pinot fan, but also like your white wine too, we’d recommend the Wine Enthusiast 28 Bottle Wine Fridge.

It’s a dual-zone wine fridge so you can comfortably keep both your red and white wines happy. Obviously your Pinot collection would be stored in the top zone which offers a temperature range of 54-66℉ (12-19℃). Both zones, top, and bottom have pull-out chrome shelves to increase space flexibility for non-standard bottle sizes so you should be able to make those bigger/oddly shaped bottles fit in there somehow.

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How To Fit Large Wine Bottles In Your Wine Cooler

If you’ve already got a wine cooler and just can’t figure out how to fit those pesky larger wine bottles in this video shows you how to flip the racks over to create more space for the big bottles. This method would only work with metal wine racks/shelves but, whatever type of wine cooler you have, it might give you an idea on how you could potentially adapt your existing wine cooler to fit in some larger bottles.

Hopefully we’ve given you some insight into the best wine coolers for different types of wine – namely sparkling wine, pinot noir, and any other wine that comes in large or oddly shaped bottles. So, whether you’re adapting a wine cooler you already have or are looking to buy a new one, hopefully, we’ve given you some good ideas here.

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