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Cork Vs Screw Cap Debate

5 Common Wine Myths That Are Actually Not True!

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We’ve all heard them before, but are they fact or fiction? It can be easy to take everything you hear as gospel when sometimes, it’s just not true. To help end the confusion, let’s look at 5 common myths about serving wine and reveal the truth.

1. THE MYTH: Red wine should be served at room temperature and white wine should be served ice-cold.

Wine Serving Temperature

THE TRUTH:  If it’s good wine you’re serving, you’ll achieve the best results if both red and white wines are served between ice cold and room temperature. More info on the best temperatures to serve your wine can be found here.

When white wine is served too cold, it can be hard to detect all the flavors it has to offer, while red wine can taste kind of flat if served at room temperature rather than slightly chilled. Of course, the best way to store your wine at the perfect temperature is to invest in a wine cooler. Check out our suggestions for the best wine coolers available.

2. THE MYTH: Screw-top wines are inferior.

Cork Vs Screw Cap Debate

THE TRUTH: It was not all that long ago that most wine aficionados would rather poke themselves in the eye with a corkscrew than turn up to an event carrying a screwtop bottle. But the times, they are a changin, and these days the distinction between cork and screw-top bottles has become much less pronounced. Thanks to new technology, screw tops can actually be much more dependable than corks, which vary in their ability to prevent oxidation within the bottle. So, the next time your wine-loving friend turns their nose up at your screw top bottle, hold your head high and tell them to bring their own next time!

3. THE MYTH: Champagne should be served in flutes.

Choosing The Right Wine Glass

THE TRUTH: Just to be clear here, there is nothing wrong with serving your sparkling wine in flutes, most people expect and enjoy it that way. We just want you to know that, if you don’t happen to have any champagne flutes at hand, don’t despair,  you’re not actually doing the wine a disservice to serve it in a wider glass – it may actually help to express the aromas better!


4. THE MYTH: White wine does not contain sulfites.

White Wine Sulfites

THE TRUTH: You’ve probably got a friend who won’t touch red wine because of the sulfites. Funnily enough, white wines contain more added sulfur dioxide than reds. Sulfites actually occur naturally during the wine fermentation process, so all wines — red, white, and rosé — contain some level of them. That being said, the amount of sulfites in any bottle of wine is actually quite small. More sulfites exist in common foods like eggs, raisins, and condiments. The best solution to avoiding sulfites while still enjoying a glass of wine? Stick to organic wines which generally contain very low levels.

5. THE MYTH: Natural wines don’t lead to hangovers.

Natural Wine How to Prevent a Wine Hangover

THE TRUTH: If only there was a magical wine that didn’t cause hangovers! Unfortunately, no one’s managed to invent one yet so, unless you’re living in a mythical land full of fairies and unicorns, you’re going to need to watch your quantity.

If you drink a lot of wine (natural wines included), you’re probably going to feel hungover! Unavoidable but true! Natural wines are still alcoholic and it’s the alcohol, not the tannins or the sulfites that makes you feel bad.  

If you get headaches from drinking wine, keep an eye on the alcohol content – wines with higher alcohol by volume are more likely to give you a hangover. Remember, despite the fact that you are drinking and therefore not feeling thirsty, the alcohol will be dehydrating you, so drinking plenty of water is key here. Unfortunately, it’s true, too much of a good thing can really be too much – insert boring cliche about moderation!

So, there you have it – don’t believe everything you hear! Serve your wine at the right temperature, in the right type of wine glasses, in moderation and enjoy!

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  1. You’ve convinced me – I’m going to try my red wine chilled! I’ve always only ever had it at room temperature but I’m going to give it a go – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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