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Avanti Wine Cooler is the modern day mini fridge specially crafted for wine storage in small spaces. Considering the fact that modern day houses have restricted space, the company has indulged in the manufacturing the best wine coolers for storing your favorite wines. This is an electronic product that caters to all the needs of wine lovers and also has many useful features.Before you buy the Best Avanti Wine Coolers below are the specifications of the products along with the generalized pros and cons you face while using the best Avanti wine coolers.

Go through the specifications carefully before placing your order online. Avanti produces various categories of Wine Coolers. So, following the specifications of each one of the best Avanti wine coolers is very important. Also, make sure you check that the product you wish to buy suits your personal requirement.

Product specifications of the Best Avanti wine coolers:

There are 4 categories of wine coolers having 4 different types of specifications. The price range of the coolers usually starts from $110 and the most expensive Avanti wine cooler can cost up to $1500. The models can be described as below –

S.NoProductNett CapacityWeightDimensionZoneDoors and DefrostingColour
1Elite Series CoolersCan store a maximum of  47 bottles120 Lbs34”H x 24”W x 25.5”DSingle ZoneSingle non-reversible Door with auto defrosting systemBlack body along with steel frame for door and handle
2Side by Side CoolersCan store a maximum of 19 bottles114 Lbs34”H x 23.5”W x26.25”DDouble ZoneDouble non-reversible Doors with auto defrosting systemBlack body having glass made doors with steel frames
343 Bottles CoolerCan store a maximum of 43 bottles115 Lbs25.5”H x 23.5”W x 33.8”DSingle ZonesSingle reversible doorBlack body with glass made doors having frames and handle made out of stainless steel
430 bottles coolerCan store a maximum of  30 bottles82 Lbs34”H x 15”W x23.25”DDouble ZoneSingle reversible door with auto defrost systemBlack body with trim made out of stainless steel


The product range doesn’t end here. Avanti even has its range of counter-top wine cooler models. These coolers are symbol of elegance and style for many drawing rooms.

A genuine review of Avanti Wine Coolers:

I bought an Avanti Wine Cooler almost a year back and with my experience I can happily say that the machine works wonderfully. The product is well equipped to hold a number of wine bottles at a time. The product is simply fantastic and comes with the dual zone feature. Each of these zones have separate temperature controlling systems. This helps in securing the white and red wine separately at their desired temperature. The counter-top model I have helps me to store 4 red bottles in horizontal manner such that it helps in proper wine maturing. The second zone allows storing the white ones in upright position. Further to add to the features, the digital temperature display helps in monitoring and then the auto-defrosting system is also very useful. To sum up I must stay using Wine Cooler from Avanti was highly satisfactory.

Pros and Cons of using Avanti Wine Cooler:


  1. All wine coolers are good as space saving storage options
  2. They are very stylish and add elegance to your drawing room
  3. The price range is feasible for all customers
  4. All wine coolers are suited with good features like smart control on temperature
  5. The machine doesn’t vibrate or make noise
  6. Having a wine cooler ensures the chance of serving wine to your guest at proper temperature.


  1. Being compact coolers, wine storage can be difficult if you have a good collection.
  2. These machines are solely made for storing and cooling wines and nothing else.

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