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If you’re planning to buy a wine cooler anytime soon, here’s some good news for you. There’s not just one but six types of wine coolers on the market for you to choose from. These wine storage options allow you to store your wine as you deem right. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some interesting wine cooler buying tips. Let’s learn some interesting details about each of them.

6 types of wine coolers on the market

Based on design, structure, and technology, there are six types of best wine coolers that are trending in 2019. These include:

Based on design and structure

  1. Counter-top wine coolers
  2. Built-in wine coolers
  3. Freely-standing wine coolers
  4. Single and dual zone wine coolers

Based on technology

  1. Compressor wine coolers
  2. Thermoelectric wine coolers

Counter-top wine coolers

If you’re looking for a wine cooler that is portable, petite, and less-space consuming, the counter-top wine cooler can be an ideal pick for you. In a counter-top wine cooler, you can easily store 5-12 bottles on wine at one time. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are also pocket-friendly.

Built-in wine coolers

Built-in wine coolers can be installed in your existing kitchen cabinets. They have to be fitted in a way that there is no ventilation around them. As compared to the other wine coolers on the list, a built-in wine cooler is an expensive choice and demands installation by an expert. If you are planning to buy a built-in wine cooler, make sure you do not try to install in on your own. You can end up spoiling your wine collection if you fail to install it properly.

Freely-standing wine coolers

Freely-standing wine coolers are the most widely sold wine coolers on the market today. They are neither too pocket-friendly, nor too expensive. These wine coolers are available in a plethora of designs and sizes to suit your needs. The best thing about the freely-standing wine coolers is that you can install them anywhere in your house where there is adequate floor space.

Single and dual zone wine coolers

The single zone wine comes with a single storage space which ensures uniform cooling and humidity conditions throughout the space. In simple words, in a single zone wine cooler, all wine bottles cool at a similar temperature. The racks are crafted to hold each bottle individually. It is best for people who are looking to store only one kind of wine.

The dual zone wine coolers come with two separate compartments which are usually divided by a horizontal plate. Since there are two separate storage compartments, you can maintain two different temperatures and store more than one kind of wine.

Compressor wine coolers

 The compressor wine coolers utilize the technology used in a traditional refrigerator to store and cool wine. In a compressor wine cooler, the air is compressed and released slowly to minimize the temperature of the interior region of the wine cooler. The refrigerant chambers in the wine cooler electronically compress the molecules to release cool air which is suitable for cooling wine. A small fan rotates the cool air throughout the interior chamber. The heat generated during compression is released from the back side of the wine cooler. Since the cooler releases cool air instantly, a compressor wine cooler is ideal for cooling wine bottles within minutes instead of hours.

Thermoelectric wine coolers

The technology used to cool the wine in case of a thermoelectric wine cooler is completely different from the technology used in the case of a compressor wine cooler. Instead of a compressor, an electric current is used to reduce the temperature of the interior region. A metal rod is installed in a thermoelectric cooler which is electrolyzed to create temperature extremes. The cooler end faces the interior part of the wine cooler. Similar to a compressor wine cooler, a thermoelectric wine cooler also comes with a fan which rotates the cool air throughout the interior chamber. However, in this case, the wine coolers require ventilation from all sides, including the back side. A thermoelectric wine cooler is vibration-free which makes it ideal for all kinds of wines. It is also more durable as compared to the compressor wine cooler.

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