Best Built-In Wine Coolers

If you begin to look for the best wine coolers online, you will find a plethora of options and types of wine coolers to pick from. Built-in wine coolers seamlessly fit into your kitchen cabinets and do not take a lot of additional space which makes them a wine cooler of choice for compact homeowners. If you’re planning a renovation or kitchen make-over, you may want to consider incorporating a built in wine cooler into your design. We’re sure you’ll get lots of use and enjoyment from it and it will add resale value to your house.  Also, they look quite chic and classy. As already mentioned, if you’re in the market for a built in wine cooler you will be spoiled for choice as there are many options to choose from. Here we have outlined some of the factors you may want to consider and features to look out for when choosing a built in wine cooler.

Pros and Cons of Built-in Wine Coolers

With so many to choose from it can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed when shopping for your best option – you want to make sure you make the right decision! Here, we’ve broken it down into a simple list of the pros and cons of buying a built in wine cooler. Work your way through the list and figure out if this is the right style of wine cooler for you.

Perfect for people who want a wine cooler to seamlessly merge with their home décor. You must have existing cabinetry with correct dimensions to fit the cooler in.
The compact design of these coolers makes it very easy for them to fit in kitchen cabinets. They are small and hence, capacity can be a concern.
The smaller size also makes them perfect for smaller spaces. Once installed you are unlikely to move it to another room/space or new home if you move.
They are very energy efficient.
They are very easy to maintain. Installation is more difficult than a freestanding model and should be done by a professional.

Best built-in wine coolers in 2019

There are many advantages to buying a built-in wine cooler. They really feel as though they belong, not just an extra appliance that gets shifted around, and can make your kitchen cabinets look really sleek and stylish. They do require a little extra planning in terms of dimensions, cabinetry and installation, but they certainly highlight your wine collection well and may even add to the value of your property!

So, if you’ve made up your mind to buy a built-in wine cooler, let’s explore some of the best options for you. Here are some built-in wine coolers that are a combination of perfect design and exemplary features. You can get a brief overview from the table below or click through to read more detailed reviews. Take a look:


Product Type Bottle Capacity Temperature Range Zone Type Refrigeration System Price Point Links
Aobosi wine cooler review
Aobosi 15″ Wine Cooler
Built in or freestanding 28 41-68°F


Dual Compressor High Read Review
Check price
Phiestina wine cooler review
Phiestina 15″ Wine Cooler
Built in or freestanding 29 40-66°F


Dual Compressor High Read Review
Check price
AMZCHEF wine cooler review
AMZCHEF 15″ Wine Cooler
Built in or freestanding 31 41-68°F


Single Compressor High Read Review
Check price
Kalamera wine cooler review
Kalamera 15″ Wine Cooler
Built in or freestanding 30 40-66°F


Single Compressor High Read Review
Check price
EdgeStar Wine Cooler Review
EdgeStar CWR302SZ
Built In 30 40-65°F


Single Compressor High Read Review
Check price


Our favorite from among the list of best built-in wine coolers is the Upgraded Aobosi 15” Wine Cooler (read review here). This wine cooler also featured in our “best wine cooler” list and can be used as either a freestanding or built in unit.  The dual zoned temperatures give an overall temperature range from 41-68° F (5-20℃) meaning you can keep both your reds and your whites in their happy zone of temperature.  Whilst this one topped our list, any others on the list may be more suited to your requirements and all are highly recommended.

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